Black MIDI

A music genre consisting of compositions that use MIDI files to make a song remix containing a large number of notes, typically in the thousands or millions. People who make Black MIDI are known as blackers. Originating in Japan in 2009, Black MIDI spread to North America and Europe around 2011. The style was well-received by journalists and musicians, who praised the visuals used to represent Black MIDI pieces, as well as the new, abstract sounds made by combining piano notes together.

This bundle collects a large series of RISO prints. The RISO was used to replicate the effects of overlapping notes and chords. The multiple layers of ink are becoming one big mass of smudge and ink spots. This part refers to the MIDI files that are running on a computer. The files are full of data, so much data that a normal computer could not process so it would fail and crash. These prints are a experiment to find how far you could go until the printer won’t print anymore.