FF Blur a font created and designed by Neville Brody in 1992. Blur defies all rules of type classification. Brody sought to evoke the experience of living in an ‘information society’ with his design. The font fits in the category of experimental fonts. An experimental font is a font that leaves parts like spacing, leading, weight and size to become something experimental. Blur is also a process font, meaning that it isn’t written or drawn, but produced through mechanical (or in this case digital) means. Brody used photographic processes to extort and extrude his letterforms into contorted illegible shapes.

Instead of using photographic processes Instagram became the tool for this type review to change and avoid the already known typefaces. By using the same Instagram filter over and over again. The familiar typeface Helvetica transformed in shapes and forms that are uncontrollable. The filter Structure was applied 25 times per letter.

You can find the Instagram of BLUR here